How to Write a Blog – Start Your Blog in Sixty Seconds…

So, you want to write a blog but you think it is way too technical or will cost a lot of money to start, right? WRONG!  I can show you how to build a blog in 4 easy steps ABSOLUTELY FREE.  Don’t believe me?  Just follow along…

Wealthy Affiliate Sign-up FormStep 1 –  Sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

Just click on the image above and enter your name, email and new password.  In addition to a free membership, free domain name and free hosting, you will also have access to a library of training courses, video modules and coaching from the Member’s Forum.  AWESOME!

Wealthy Affiliate Navigation MenuStep 2 – Once on the Wealthy Affiliate Home Page, Click on the Site Rubix – “Build Your Website Here” icon.

Your Wealthy Affiliate Homepage is your link to classrooms, training modules and much, much more.  After building your new website, go back and familiarize yourself with all the features available to you free of charge.

Step 3 – Select “Free Domain”, and then:

Menu for Build your Website

The Domain Name – Be Creative.

The Title – Usually the same as the domain name.

The Design – Determined by the WordPress Theme you choose.

Step 4 – Review your Website Details and Click “Build Your Site”.

Walla! – you just built a website from scratch in approximately 30 seconds and that’s really all there is to it!

New website User Name and PasswordYou should copy you log-in user name and password and keep them in a safe place.

Now that you are a Wealthy Affiliate Member (YAY!) you can access your WordPress Dashboard with these log-in credentials or from within the Wealthy Affiliate Member’s area.  It is entirely up to you.

Your New Website HomepageFinally, click on your New Website URL (web address) and visit your site’s Homepage.

Log into your WordPress Admin area and start blogging!

 One last thing, Please do me a favor…

Once you have set up your website please come back and post your sparkling new URL in the comment section below.  It will give you instant exposure and I love to hear from new bloggers who have the courage and determination to take the crucial first step – it is SO SIMPLE!

Wishing you all the best – Al, The Blog Guy