Alan at ITF Australia TournamentHi There!  My name is Alan.  My friends call me the Blog Guy.

I am semiretired living in Southeast Asia.  Some would say I have fully embraced the “Laptop Lifestyle”.  I would wholeheartedly agree – AND I LOVE IT!

But, it was not always this way.  When I first began exploring opportunities to make money online, I found out quickly that the internet can be a dangerous place – particularly for the unsuspecting and naive.  I still marvel at the scams and clever cons that are out there lurking, waiting to take your money through slick marketing in exchange for “questionable” products and information.

I am happy to report, however, that I stuck with it and found that there are good things – even amazing things available.  I found I just needed to use caution and a healthy dose of common sense.

This site is an attempt to help those bold new entrepreneurs just entering the “how to make money online” jungle.  I offer you the best that I have found.

Travel safe,